September 19- A much better moon


I took an evening walk at a local park, of course, brought my camera along.  It was dusky, and the moon was very big and looked beautiful. so I attempted again to photograph it, this time with much better results.  I thought the silhouette of the tree in the foreground made for a more interesting composition.

Incidentally, that tree in the photo was completely filled with migrating birds, and they were making quite a racket of squaking.  I was really kind of amazed at the sheer number of birds that were in that tree.  They kept flying in in smaller groups landing in the branches to chirp their little beaks off… it kind of reminded me of a huge birdie family reunion.  Then all of a sudden, a black shadow lifted above the tree, and every little last birdie was off and flying.  And then everything was completely, eerily silent.


3 Responses to “September 19- A much better moon”

  1. Top LUNA tic shots Love the first one, the trees make it look so BIG too.

  2. I love the tree framed moon especially. I wonder if those birds are starlings, not native I think but very adaptable.

    • Thanks for the comments Ellen. I kind of thought the birds might be starlings too. They’re fairly plain, non-descript black birds… very noisy too. And I think you’re right- I think starlings can live just about anywhere.

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