September 13- Double-duty


I was stalking a hummingbird (which I was never able to catch a photo of) when I noticed this flower working double-duty.  I liked how the butterfly’s wing is shading the bee while he works.

And here’s a bonus photo, just because I liked it.


7 Responses to “September 13- Double-duty”

  1. Two chairs no waiting – This is the best Insect -Smelly thing shot I have ever seen! Your luck is so vast! This must have blown you away.

  2. 2 Tammy McChesney

    Ron lead me to your blog….these are truly beautiful! 🙂

  3. Our down under mate Ron gave me the link to your blog, the image with the butterfly and bee is just amazing!!

  4. Again Ron brought me here as well. Great shots, with bee and butterfly, nice details and great macro. Visit my blog if you have time:

  5. 5 Erica

    Hi All- Thanks for visiting and leaving the encouraging comments- I will be sure to stop by your blogs as well.

    Ron, thanks for sharing my post- it’s much appreciated… funny- I was a little disappointed in these because I wasn’t able to get the hummingbird that I was after- I am glad that you were able to appreciate them! Thanks much.

  6. What can I say? Ron is a popular guy. Your butterfly shots are great!

  1. 1 I was happy with my Butterfly shots – Then! « Danudin's 2010 VPW Blog

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