September 6- Koi fish


Took the little guy to play adventure putt-putt golf this evening.  The course had a decorative pond, very well-stocked with koi fish and a little quarter-machine with fish food.  My son enjoyed feeding the fish, which brought them all to the surface, fighting for food.

I took a couple different shots of the fish.  This one was taken with natural light at 1/20 shutter speed.  The image is a little blurred- but I really like the painterly feel of the softer focus, plus, I think the blur more accurately reflects the frenzied way the fish fought for the bits of food. 

For comparison, below is a shot where I used the flash and a faster shutter speed.  Much of the image is in pretty clear focus, but I feel the image is a little stale…


4 Responses to “September 6- Koi fish”

  1. Looks like “Gold Fish” or “Carp” stew to me!

    • 2 Erica

      Well, of course… but “koi” sounds so much more exotic!

      • 3 Danudin

        Thanks for the comment, it is a work in progress, that I hope to use when I have a lot of photos to post, Like the Clydesdales, and I thought it better to do that so that those not interested would not be subjected to the volume. I will link it via my Danudin site for those that feed on this stuff like your Coy Koi do! LOL

  2. Sorry Erica, am setting up a new blog, and forgot it was still linked, it is ME who commented befor on the carp or goldfish!

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