September 3


Despite the fact that today brought a gorgeous afternoon with nearly perfect weather, I opted to spend my afternoon indoors at the Cincinnati Art Museum.   I had such a hard time narrowing down my photos to display here but this sculpture was very striking to me today at the musuem, so I think these two shots are a natural choice.

Eve Disconsolate by Hiram Powers, designed 1859-61, carved 1873-74

I shot this with my 50mm lens, about 50 feet away, using natural light, of course.  Once I pulled the image off my camera, I tinkered a bit with other crops, but I am really just attached to this original image, as it was shot.  What do you think?

I suppose this preference draws from my experience viewing it in person.  The Cincinnati Art Museum displays this piece beautifully.  The sculpture is displayed alone at the end of a hallway with the natural sunlight illuminating it perfectly- You view this first from a distance and are drawn in to see it more fully revealed close up in the sunlight.

Below is a closer view of the sculpture from the sunlit side.


One Response to “September 3”

  1. She is a charmer, like you and I like both compositions for tolally different reasons. Well done>

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