August 26


First day of school

My little guy has started school- the monumental event of starting kindergarten.  Of course I took tons of first-day-of-school photos, many of which I will probably replicate year after year.  He was so excited and couldn’t wait to go.  I was feeling a combination of happy and sad all at the same time.  I can’t believe he is already big enough to go to school, and I can’t believe they let people this small in!  

The short walk to school provided me a nice, peaceful time of reflection on how fast time flies, how he’s growning, and an opportunity to savor those final “pre-school” moments.  I was so happy and relieved when I picked him up at the end of his day that he ran to me to give me a hug and kiss right there in front of his friends and teacher.  And all the way home he talked excitedly about all the friends he met, the toys he played with, and the things he did during that first day.  I guess I was afraid that I would drop off my sweet, little, 5-year-old “baby” in the morning, and arrive to pick up a smart-mouthed 13-year-old that afternoon.  Happily, he’s still my same little guy- just excited to be on his new kindergarten adventure.


2 Responses to “August 26”

  1. Classical beauty in your subject, look at the size of that backpack LOL

  2. It is such a sweet classic moment and as Ron said that is one big backpack! I do hope you keep up the first day of school shots, especially into that surly time..

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