August 25


Several photos to post today…

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Today was the last day of “summer” before school starts, so I decided that we would do something “special,” and my little guy loves the museum- he calls it “Night at the Museum.”  Although he enjoys the Children’s Museum, his favorite is the Natural History Museum where you can explore a cave, walk through the last Ice Age, and view bones of hundreds of species from 65 million years ago to just 20 years ago.

The Cincinnati Museum is housed at Union Terminal, which was completed in the 1930s and features beautiful Art Deco architecture and decor throughout.  It was built as a major train station, and still has a few Amtrack trains a day now.  Although the building has had several different uses through the decades, it still maintains it’s original train-station feel, and you can just imagine what it must have been like back in it’s hey-day.  If anyone ever visits Cincinnati, I highly recommend a visit to the Union Terminal Museum Center- It rivals nearly any building, locale, etc in terms of magnificence and historical and architectual significance in America.  Plus, it is now home to several outstanding museums, special exhibits, an Omnimax Theater, a historical/archive library and more.

The lobby/atrium inside Union Terminal.  It is nearly impossible to capture the magnnificance and scope of the room and dome without a great wide angle or even fish-eye lens… neither of which I have.  It is not uncommon to see people just wandering aimlessly through this vast space staring up… It’s pretty awe-inspiring.

Two sets of glass mosaic murals stretch around the perimeter of the rotunda.  One mural depicts the founding and progress of the United States of America.  The other mural illustrates the founding and progress of the city of Cincinnati.

Play me, I’m Yours

I considered putting this in its own post, but out of laziness and keeping to one post a day, it’s included here.  Currently, throughout the Cincinnati area, these colorful pianos have been placed in public locations to be available for anyone to play.  This is the 2nd of such pianos that we have encountered, and of course, being 5 and finding great joy in anything that you can pound with reckless abandon and make lots of noise, Max loves these.  This was placed just outside the entrance to the Museum Center and I thought it was pretty faboulous that you could play with the Union Terminal looming just behind you and the skyline of Downtown Cincinnati in front.


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