August 23


I find that the days when I don’t do much of anything or go anywhere interesting to be the most challenging when I am trying to take photos for this blog… Actually, I kind of hate my lazy, hang-around-the-house days when it comes time to take/post a photo for the day.  But that’s good.  It’s always easy to take fantastic photos of exciting and interesting places and events.  And if I am going to improve my photography in any way, I need to learn how to make the mundane and everyday look wonderful, beautiful, and interesting.  The photos of others that I appreciate most are those of that provide an interesting and compelling perspective of something you see every day…

Anyhoo, I didn’t have a ton of photographic opportunities today, but snapped a shot of this lily while on a walk with the dog and family tonight.  It wasn’t a great shot- it was dark, so I had to use my flash (which I generally hate) and the pink color of the lily was washed out, and then there are all those irritating shadows.  But, I think it does look a little nicer/more interesting B&W. 

And I will think about and challenge myself more to examine and try to see and capture everyday things and events in fresh, new, interesting ways.  That’s not a promise… just a promise to attempt 🙂


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