August 11


August 11, originally uploaded by Erica365.

Max and his cousin (my neice) Carly skating at Beechmont Rollarena. I have probably not rollerskated since about 8th grade (yes, that would be 18 years ago). I am proud to say that I still can skate just like the good old days- I was cruising around that rink forwards, backwards, turning- it was a blast.

I was also shocked and amused to see that Beechmont Rollarena has not changed one bit since I used to go when I was a kid… same nasty carpet (ew- even that needed to be changed back then), same orange concession stand tables, same funky lights and disco ball over the rink, and same sweaty feet and rubber smell. It was like an awesome, fascinating time capsule of 1985. Really took me back.


One Response to “August 11”

  1. Ha! looks like a place your parents could have skated at in the ’60’s for that matter. Fun shot and I’m glad you have started posting again.

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