Is it worth the candy?


103109_Risky, originally uploaded by Erica365.

Theme: Risky

Theme: Costumes

Ahh- Trick-or-Treat! Max was weighing the advantages of getting candy versus having to walk through all of the scary decor. He ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth the risk. His cousin, Candy Corn Carly, however, marched right on up without hesitation to clain her treat.

All the kids in their costumes- Max’s oldest cousin Joe (13) as the Joker, Max dressed as “Dark” Vader (you know, Darth’s less famous younger brother), and Max’s other cousin, Carly (7) as a little Candy Corn Princess or something (who cares- she was cute as a button!).


4 Responses to “Is it worth the candy?”

  1. 1 Danudin

    But you see “Dark” is cautious where Darth wasn’t, I’m guessing he will beome more famous than old Loser Darth!

  2. 2 Judy

    Love it!!!

  3. 3 tmcchesney

    What cute kids, looks like a fun night for all!

  4. Lucky Max to have cousins to show him the ropes. i love the candy corn costume!

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