Hooligans and cute little devils


Once again, 2 to post.  The family went to Coney Island, a small local amusement park, for the Fall-o-ween festival.

Theme: Adolescence

While on the hayride through and around, Old Coney, this group of wayward preteens caught up with our tractor and had a great time chasing us as we bumped along, occassionally catching a ride when the tractor driver wasn’t paying attention (and honestly I don’t think he was paying attention to much).  These kids were “upsetting” a great many of the hay-riders, but I didn’t mind them myself…   I guess I was getting personal vindication out of it, because it seemed that those who were most upset were the rude jerks who couldn’t wait their turn in line to get on the hayride while pushing other’s out of the way to plop their fat… you probably get the idea…

Theme: A Pair Of

OK, these two were simply too cute not to post on here.  There was a farm animal petting zoo set up at the park, and there were some really fun animals.  I was surpised by how friendly most of the animals were- most seemed to actually enjoy human attention.  But these two goats were down-right attention-hogs!  They were so funny- the one on the right immediately ran to whomever he thought would pet him and give him attention, and the one on the left just followed his pal wherever he went.  As soon as I pulled out my camera, I swear these two came trotting over and tilted their little heads together, just so, as if posing for their cameo.  They were just darling and so sweet.


2 Responses to “Hooligans and cute little devils”

  1. 1 tmcchesney

    The cute little devils look like they are having tons of fun – love those mischieviness smiles! But these smiles are not to be rivaled w/ the smiles of your pair! Looks like they are posing for you!

  2. Teen-aged boys are just naturally obnoxious! 😀 But now the goats? They are just hams and love to soak up all the attention they can get. Nice shots, both.

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