A not-so-grand finale


I went to a Red’s game tonight (one of the last of the season), and I have 2 for today.

Theme: Sport

Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds taking a swing.  This was one of the last games of the Reds sluggish season.  Sadly, despite a homerun, the Reds weren’t able to win- losing to what I understood to be the last-place team, the Pirates.  Here’s to next summer…

Theme: Musically Inclined

After the game while walking back to our car, we were treated to the rhythms of this street-performing duo.  They were pretty good, and pretty amazing- especially considering the young age of the little guy.  They definitely had some musical talent and the crowd seemed to enjoy listening to them while waiting on the “Walk” signal at the cross-walk.


2 Responses to “A not-so-grand finale”

  1. 1 tmcchesney

    Both are great stop the action shots. love the musically inclined pic, you obviously got 2 people doing what they love best! Love street scenes!

  2. Dontcha just love it when you stumble across such talented people? Could be they play that corner frequently. Who knows, perhaps you’ll run into them again some time? Nice photos.

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