Majestic evening


I have three for today.  On my way home from work today (I work in Kentucky) I took a detour off the highway to get some pictures of the river. 

Theme: Bridges

I went to the Public Landing in Cincinnati to get my river shots.  These are three of our bridges spanning the Ohio River.  In the foreground is the Taylor-Southgate bridge, which connects Pete Rose Way in Cincinnati to Newport, Kentucky.  In the middle is the L&N Bridge, which used to be a train tressel, but is now strictly a pedestrian foot bridge, more commonly known as “The Purple People Bridge.”  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it is a faded purple shade, and needs to be repainted.  It connects on the Ohio near Sawyer Point Park to Newport on the Levee, a bustling entertainment complex, on the Kentucky side.  And in the background is the Dan Beard bridge, most commonly referred to as “The Big Mac Bridge” and it’s the bridge for Interstate 471.

In the foreground is a floating opera, The Showboat Majestic.  Honestly, I knew nothing about this boat, other than it’s been there on the river forever, and it never goes anywhere.  Since I had a photo of it, I felt compelled to Google it to find out what it was.  Really, it has a very interesting history going back to 1923, and it is a National Historic Landmark.  You can read more about it here if you’re interested.

Theme: Fasteners

This is one of the fasteners in the landing keeping the Showboat Majestic in place.  I got some really curious looks from people walking by, probably wondering why I was taking pictures of the ground… 

Theme: Bodies of Water

And finally, this is the Ohio River… it actually looks pretty on a clear day at sunset! 

This was taken on the Public Landing, downtown, Cincinnati, looking onto Newport, Kentucky.  From left to right you can see the Newport Aquarium, which is a nice attraction for the area,  then the Taylor-Southgate Bridge, the Newport, Kentucky Courthouse, and to the right the riverboats of B&B Riverboats which offers dinner, sightseeing, and private cruises.


4 Responses to “Majestic evening”

  1. 1 Danudin

    Three killer images, you appear to have nailed all three. Great Shots.

  2. 2 tmcchesney

    WOW, these are all picture perfect! Looks like you detour paid off! :()

  3. Love the colors and the serenity of the water/land/sky. Lovely photos here. Does that Majestic take up the whole river like it looks?? That red really pops. Taking the photo with the bridges framed against the sky was brilliant.
    The way the boat is anchored with the lines driven into the ground is very interesting. The “joints’ look so strong and powerful, knowing it will hold.
    Of course, I know where the states are located, but I never think of Kentucky in relationship with Ohio. But they share a the river as the border. I think of Ohio as being a Northern state, with Kentucky as a Southern state. The River is beautiful. Good job.

  4. Love your perspective on the bridges shot. The repetition of the lines on the boat continuing down on the bridges….great eye!
    The fastener shot is so detailed…love the textures, colors and DOF.
    All great shots!

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