It’s soccer season!


Theme: Stop the Action

That’s my little 8-year-old niece Carly (#9) coming oh-so-close to scoring a goal in her first soccer game of the season today.  She’s a little hustler out there on the field and every year I am amazed by how much she improves.  This is her first year of playing club (or select) soccer, and she’s playing for the same club that I did when I was a kid (Beechmont).  It brings back many wonderful memories.

Be warned- soccer season has begun… This is likely to be the first of many soccer photos.  I will try not to innundate my blog with too many soccer pics, but with my boy playing, my niece playing, and my own adult outdoor league just starting… there’s bound to be a few.  Daily life revolves around soccer this time of year (and personally, I love it!).


3 Responses to “It’s soccer season!”

  1. 1 Danudin

    You got it in soccer ya just gotta HUSTLE! Great Action.

  2. 2 tmcchesney

    I love this shot – she was waaaaay too close! 🙂 I wish soccer was just a season for us, but it seems to be a year round sport anymore – my boys live, eat, and breath soccer!

    • 3 Erica

      Honestly, it’s year-round for me too, but the fall seasons are just a little more intense and meaningful. I personally play indoor year-round about 3-5 nights a week. But my outdoor team has distinct Spring and Fall seasons. My little guy just plays 6 weeks in the spring and 6 weeks in the fall, so he’s still easy. And my niece, she plays spring/fall, and then indoor through the winter. But Fall is just “soccer season” around here- all the high school and college teams are playing, and it’s on my mind a lot this time of year!

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