Don’t let the evil camera get you


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My sweet little pooch, Diego, was intensely watching dinner being made through the back door.  He tried to duck and hide when he saw me coming with my camera.  He does not like getting his picture taken at all!  Anytime he sees the camera he runs and hides, so the only times I can catch a shot of him is when I sneak.  But he’s pretty smart and generally catches on pretty quick what I am up to, so it’s very tough!


7 Responses to “Don’t let the evil camera get you”

  1. Cute peek! Nice shot. One of our 365’ers complained recently about her dog running off each time she got the camera out too. I suggested perhaps it is because they hear things we don’t and they may not like the camera noise. Their ears could either be sensitive, or perhaps they have a problem with the ears that needs the vet’s attention.

    • 2 Erica

      I completely agree- there is something about the sound of the camera that he does not like. I have noticed that… I think the flash scares him too, but since I can control that, I no longer use it at all around him. But he still doesn’t trust it.

  2. He looks torn between dinner and ducking away from that thing. Sweet shot.

  3. 4 jmckiss

    How cute! You can see that he’s trying to get away!

  4. 5 tmcchesney

    Look at that face, you can see in his eyes that he is avoiding you! LOL Too funny!

  5. I know exactly what you talk about. We have a dog a bit like that too… She is a real diva, when she sees the camera she just turns her head around…

  6. I don’t know what it is about dogs & cameras! Mine is like that too! I absolutely LOVE this shot. Just one little eye giving just one little peek…..soooooo cute!

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