Just thought I’d share…


I am participating in the 2009 Capture Cincinnati Photobook Contest.  It is a really cool contest where participants can upload photos from the Cincinnati-area, and the public can vote on the photos, then at the end of the year, the 200 or so “best” photos will be printed and published in the Capture Cincinnati book.  (I have a link to the site in my right side-bar)  This is the 3rd year for the project and it’s really neat- almost like a city-wide yearbook. 

Anyhoo- you can see my photos that I’ve submitted here:



Some of the photos I’ve submitted I’ve posted on this blog, some photos are from earlier in the year.  Anyone can vote, and you are welcome to vote, but you do have to sign up and create a profile for your vote to count (so that’s kind of a pain). 

But I just wanted to share the site because there really are some very cool photos on there, and I think it is such a great thing for Cincinnati.  Sometimes my city gets a bad rap and I think that it’s unfortunate, because it really is a fun, and beautiful, and vibrant city. 

Anyway if you are ever bored, I find it really fun and inspriring to click through all the photos on the site… It’s not hard to spend an hour or more getting lost in thought just looking at photos.  ENJOY!


2 Responses to “Just thought I’d share…”

  1. 1 tmcchesney

    Thanks, I have bookmarked the spot so I can visit when I have more time!

  2. I checked out some of your photos at the Cincinnati site (love that fountain shot) and will check out the rest later, but what I did see were gorgeous! Good luck & thanks for sharing!

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