Started in 2009, then abandoned for a bit, and picked up in 2010, this is my 2010 Project365 photo blog.  The goal is simple: to take and post at least one photo a day.  I welcome all to browse, comment, and check out some of the other sites I’ve linked to.  Enjoy!


My husband found this yellow and black garden spider, in, appropriately, our garden.  We were both fascinated, watching this huge, colorful spider hanging out in her web.  My husband tried, unsuccessfully, to feed her, but I have a feeling that she is much better at catching bugs than he is… But, I am happy to report that these are evidently, helpful, non-agressive spiders.  I guess many people welcome them in their gardens for their ability to keep garden pests to a minimum.

And if the photo above didn’t creep you out enough, here’s a nice close-up of our new garden friend.  😀

The body of this particular spider was pretty big- about the same size of the tip of my index finger.

Went back to work at my new job on Monday.  So far, things are going great, and my teammembers in my department have been so nice, helpful, and enthusiastic.  Coming off my first week there, I just have a really positive feeling about it, so that is great! 

As a member in the marketing group, I feel Icompelled to say- If you are in one of these metro areas, be sure to subscribe to your local newspaper!

I took an evening walk at a local park, of course, brought my camera along.  It was dusky, and the moon was very big and looked beautiful. so I attempted again to photograph it, this time with much better results.  I thought the silhouette of the tree in the foreground made for a more interesting composition.

Incidentally, that tree in the photo was completely filled with migrating birds, and they were making quite a racket of squaking.  I was really kind of amazed at the sheer number of birds that were in that tree.  They kept flying in in smaller groups landing in the branches to chirp their little beaks off… it kind of reminded me of a huge birdie family reunion.  Then all of a sudden, a black shadow lifted above the tree, and every little last birdie was off and flying.  And then everything was completely, eerily silent.

Isn’t the internet great?!  While bored, I somehow stumbled upon craft sites, and started reading about how to make flowers out of fabric… so I thought I would give it a try.  I chopped up some old t-shirts and this is what I was able to come up with… not too bad for my first go at it.

Bought these lemon cookies at the grocery… they sure didn’t last long- they were really good.  Snapped a shot of the few left in the carton as I helped myself to a couple.

September 16


Caught my pup Diego sleeping on the couch… he opened his eyes when he heard me get my camera but he looked very confortable.  He must have been sleeping well- he talks, or barks, in his sleep.

I went rollerblading with my sister at Lunken Airport again.  In the next lot over, was a small farmers market.

This farmer, or producer seller, asked me to take his picture- I appreciated being able to photograph someone who was willing rather than have the usual of ducking my camera.

My sister bought a carton of peaches- she said they were really tasty.  The farmer selling the peaches was very suspicious of me taking photos of his peaches… it was kind of funny.

I have really been waiting all my life for someone to invent chocolate cookies & cream ice cream- I mean, it just makes perfect sense, right?!  So I was so terribly excited when I found this at my grocery store!  And look- it’s fat free too!  Although I think the fat-free designation caused Breyers t have to skimp a bit on the cookie bits- still delicious, still awesome, though.

I was stalking a hummingbird (which I was never able to catch a photo of) when I noticed this flower working double-duty.  I liked how the butterfly’s wing is shading the bee while he works.

And here’s a bonus photo, just because I liked it.

We went to the Renaissance Festival and did and saw all kinds of Renaissance-y things.  I swear the Renaissance Festival never changes from year to year, but then, I guess, how much can a festival that represents a very specific time-period change each year?  Still, we always have a good time when we go.

This glassmaker seems to draw a crowd every year- and really it is amazing that he can make those intricately detailed little figurines and ornaments from a blob of molten glass.  Plus, I was really happy with how this portrait turned out.

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